Payroll has become an integral component of employee benefits compliance since the introduction of Healthcare Reform

Employers with 50 or more full-time equivalent employees, also known as Applicable Large Employers, must track their variable hour employees to determine their FTE monthly headcount and analyze when and if these variable hour employees are eligible for group health insurance coverage. 

This can be an overwhelming task for employers and their human resource team.  Partnering with the right payroll provider can make this a simple task.  A task that can save the employer many man hours and potentially avoid substantial penalties.

Group Planners Inc. isn't a payroll company and we don't want to be.  However, we have spent many hours researching and checking out the services and ACA tools of a variety of payroll companies and we are happy to make a recommendation to the following payroll providers. 

We can arrange an introduction, demonstration and/or meeting with any of the following payroll companies.  Each of these vendors offers best in class payroll, tax services, ACA tracking and analysis, ACA tax form preparation and distribution, as well as, benefits administration and employee onboarding.


PayFocus Pro™ Features

Bring us your complicated issues, your challenges, your questions yearning to be answered. PayFocus Pro transforms your payroll, tax and compliance tasks into one easy, cost-effective, web-based process. And just because it’s online doesn’t mean you’re on your own. You’ll always have a Payroll Specialist to call on for support. It’s just one more reason why PayFocus Pro is an industry leader.

PayFocus Pro™ Features

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